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An open letter from David Milarch:

This week we officially celebrate both Earth Day and Arbor Day and the celebrations bring me mixed emotions. I applaud the fact that this is an international effort to recognize the importance of saving the Earth and taking action to stem the devastation of climate change. But I hope that the citizens of the world recognize that being concerned one week of the year will not be enough to save our place on the planet.

This is where you come in.

I receive a flood of emails and phone calls from individuals like you asking how they can help with our mission to propagate, archive and reforest the Earth with the DNA of the world’s champion trees. What we need most right now is funding to help plant the thousands of cloned champions currently growing in our Copemish, Michigan facilities. These trees represent the very best of the best and will provide the most efficient means of restoring the balance of carbon in the environment. The optimal planting of these trees requires selection, preparation and facilitation of sites where super groves of more than 200 trees can be planted together. Our partners around the world can help us with this…if we have the funding.

For a gift of $10 per month for one year you can help us get one more tree planted. Please give today and become a Champion of Champions. Because we know that it’s really Earth Day, every day.

Learn more about Archangel Ancient Tree Archive plantings to celebrate Earth Day and Arbor Day.

Thank you,
David Milarch
David Milarch
Co-Founder, Archangel Ancient Tree Archive

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The Urgent Work of Archangel Ancient Tree Archive

The peril and suffering caused by global warming is a result of the human dismantling of the ecosystems that once filtered our air and water. We are a Michigan-based non-profit organization working on an urgent global mission to replace the trees that once served as our environmental filters. We collect, propagate and archive the genetics of uniquely effective ancient Champion Trees from around the globe, and are planting them to reforest the Earth. Discover our activities, see us in action in our videos, support us by shopping for Archangel logo wear and more in our store, participate in our blog, and share your feedback.

The planet is large and its needs are great. The team at Archangel Ancient Tree Archive is small and we are not fully funded. We urgently need your help now to allow us to carry out our mission. Only together can we mount an effort to preserve a livable future for our children and our grandchildren. Please donate today.

New Study: Largest Trees Capture More Carbon

Nature study: Big Trees BetterThere has been much debate about the value of old growth trees as a tool to mitigate global warming. Many argue that newer trees and forests grow faster and capture more carbon than old growth forests. We are on the side that old growth forests are critical to the health of our planet, and so we have been dedicated to protecting not only the actual old growth forests, but also preserving the genetics of these iconic old growth trees in archival living libraries. We are cloning these trees for mass reforestation using the proven genetics of ancient trees.

“A single big tree can add the same amount of carbon to the forest within a year as is contained in an entire mid-sized tree.”

-Nature: Rate of tree carbon accumulation increases continuously with tree size

A recent study published in the journal Nature found that the largest trees gained the most mass each year in 97% of the species. This is good news for the work we are doing at Archangel – assisting nature to replant the world’s biggest trees; the Coast redwood and Giant Sequoia as a tool to mitigate global warming. Read more about the study here.

This Book Just Might Save the Planet
The Man Who Planted Trees available now

The book by award-winning journalist and science writer Jim Robbins entitled, The Man Who Planted Trees: Lost Groves, Champion Trees, and an Urgent Plan to Save the Planet, argues that “trees and forests are the highest functioning members of ecological society,” and chronicles the adventures of David Milarch, co-founder of Archangel Ancient Tree Archive, who has dedicated his life to cloning and replanting the oldest, and most important trees on Earth. Robbins’ crystal clear science behind this noble effort reveals numerous fascinating facts about the importance of trees, such as how they perform vital services to our environment in absorbing carbon dioxide – a greenhouse gas, clean pollutants from the air, and protect our freshwater ecosystems.

The book was featured in the New York Times 100 Notable Books Issue, and has also been featured in stories on NPR Weekend, CBC Radio, in The Times (London), and numerous blogs and internet sites. Your purchase of the book in our store helps to support our mission to locate, collect, propagate, and archive the genetics of these important trees. The book makes a unique and inspiring gift, and our store is the only place where it can be autographed and dedicated by David Milarch.

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