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Our Urgent Mission

The mission of Archangel Ancient Tree Archive is to:

Propagate the world’s most important old growth trees before they are gone.
Archive the genetics of ancient trees in living libraries around the world for the future.
Reforest the Earth with the offspring of these trees to provide the myriad of beneficial ecosystem services essential for all life forms to thrive including releasing oxygen, sequestering carbon dioxide, providing beneficial aerosols and medicines: essentially a global warming solution.

The planet is large and its needs are great. The team at Archangel Ancient Tree Archive is small and we are not fully funded. We urgently need your help now to allow us to carry out our mission. Only together can we mount an effort to preserve a livable future for our children and our grandchildren. Please give today.

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Archangel to

Archangel to "Go Further" with GVSU

November 19th, 2014

Grand Valley students created "Saving Trees", a terrific video featuring David Milarch as an entry into a multi-university online storytelling contest presented by Ford. One[...]

University of Michigan Plants First Hippocrates Clone

University of Michigan Plants First Hippocrates Clone

November 1st, 2014

The University of Michigan medical school is home to an Archangel clone of the ancient tree where Greek physician Hippocrates and his students learned from[...]

What is at Stake?
Our environment supports all life, but it is under tremendous stress. We are risking our survival
Hope for the Future
There is hope if we act in time. A solution to global warming is in our grasp but we can't wait to act. We have an action plan
Scientific Support for Ancient Trees
Ancient Trees hold a key to unlock nature's greatest potential. Why Ancient Trees?

Our efforts require your support

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