Coast Redwoods are the tallest living things on Earth. They can reach upwards of 370 feet tall. The Archangel Ancient Tree Archive Redwood collection encompasses over 50 different old growth redwood trees from the west coast of California.  We have collected and propagated Coast Redwoods from throughout the range and the focus of this collection has beneath largest remaining redwood stumps although we have also collected from several massive living trees. The redwoods that were cut down around the year 1900 were older and larger than anything left standing now.

To bring those old forest giants back to life, Archangel began collecting from stumps in 2008. In this novel approach of focusing on stumps we have brought back dozens of fallen giants. We now have redwoods representing all areas of the range and are in the process of developing an archive plan for the young trees. This includes a world’s first planting event taking place on December 4, 2012. Find out more about this historic event here.

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3 Responses to Coast Redwood Collection

  1. Heidi Lee says:

    I just finished the book The Man Who Planted Trees. I am so inspired! What a brilliant idea. I happen to have 35 acres on the Klamath river six miles from the coast in northern Ca with a grove of extrodinary Coast Redwoods on it. Two of them are extremely large and one of those splits into seven hugh trunks at about one hundred feet up and has branches on one side that reach almost to the ground. It is magnificant. The other is not as big around but is taller and has may inerations. I would like to offer them for cloning. There are no roads to the land. I get there by boat and am willing to arrange the ride up if needed.

  2. Thomas Lincoln says:

    I guess we’re luck they didn’t have chain saws in 1900!! Are those the 35 foot stumps you discovered on private property that I heard you talk about on the raido? I hope you have a good photo posted somewhere of one of them.

  3. eric jensen says:

    yes i have three red wood trees growing from seedlings but i was wanting to get some clones i read that you took 18 different trees old stumps and trees that have not been cut down i have 15 acres and i have agum tree and a couple of sequios on it but i really like to get a clone and grow it my tallest seedling is about seven feet the first couple of years it hardly grew and then this year it grew three feet and my other two are three year olds that the one died down and it sent a stem from it and it is a foot the other one is about two feet tall my sequia is six feet now now could i cut a piece off and put rootone on it would that start or is it more pain staking to do so

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