Starting in 2009 Archangel Ancient Tree Archive began our Giant Sequoia project. Old growth sequoias had never been successfully cloned beyond a relatively young age of about 80 years old. We wanted to root trees that are 2-3,000 years old – and we did! Over the past couple of years we have established a growing collection of Giant Sequoias from the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Giant Sequoia are among the best carbon stackers on the planet, growing faster than most species and in a range of zones with a resilience against forest fires and disease. You will find Giant Sequoia growing in California and you might see them in places like Ireland, Germany and even Michigan.

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8 Responses to Giant Sequoia Collection

  1. Troy Johnson says:

    Do you have the Giant Sequoia for sale. And also would they make it in Minnesota?

    • admin says:

      Hi Troy. We don’t currently have any Giant sequoia available. That tree would most likely survive in your climate given the proper care until it is established.

  2. Peter Tolley says:

    Have you considered tissue culturing the John Muir Redwood in Martinez and grafting it onto a seedling rootstock?

  3. Richard Craig says:

    Giant Sequoia
    I would love to buy several young Sequoias.
    When will you sell this tree?

  4. paul manhart says:

    I’ve never heard of or seen a Giant Sequoia in Michigan and I have lived here 66 years. Perhaps in a green house when young but certainly not outdoors of any appreciable size!

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