Our living archives of the world's greatest trees will preserve their genetics for all time

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An archive is a living library of our champion trees, where they can safely grow into the future and be available for further study and preservation. It is a protected environment, where the trees can grow undisturbed, indefinitely. Our largest archive is currently located in Michigan and we are actively raising funds to establish our first international archive in Ireland, and our first west coast archive in southern Oregon. If you are interested in helping to sponsor an archive, please contact us.

Archive Projects

New Zealand Tree Planting

With stands of old-growth trees under threat of fire in the United States, this planting of an ancient coast redwood in a New Zealand forest takes on new significance.Read More »

Digging In to Save Genetics

The news of our Global Planting Event turned up round the world - including in the Western Telegraph in the United Kingdom. A Pembrokeshire holiday park has been chosen as one of only eight places across the globe to host a tree planting with planet-saving significance.Read More »

Champion Tree Planting & Port Orford Archive

In its first effort to recreate a champion tree old growth forest, Archangel Ancient Tree Archive successfully planted a four-acre grove of 2,000 to 3,000-year-old coast redwood and giant sequoia clones near Port Orford, Oregon.Read More »

White Oak Added to Archive

A resident of McNabb, Illinois recently donated material from his majestic White Oak (Quercus alba), which is the largest known in the state. Read More »

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