Planting trees with the best genetics can rebuild an ecosystem

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The best trees, when planted in the right setting, can elevate the quality of all other similar trees in the area. This is our hope when a Champion Tree is planted. We recommend that no more than 10% of champion trees be used in a reforestation setting in order to maintain genetic diversity and allow the champion genetics to mix with the existing trees. We do not promote monocultures, but instead plan for the overall strengthening of the forests where our trees are planted.

At Archangel our motto is the right tree in the right place, for the right reason. Trees offer solutions for so many environmental challenges and with that in mind we plant trees for phytoremediation, carbon-stacking to fight climate change, erosion control, runoff management, watershed enhancement, and wildlife habitat to just name a few solutions.

The world’s forests have been called “the lungs of the planet.” Our intention is to help to restore the forests of the world by reintroducing specimens – from clones of ancient trees or proven champion trees – that have exhibited a proven longevity, or have shown other desirable attributes to improve the ecofunction of the world’s forests.

After working through the first steps of our process; Collection and Propagation, we develop planting projects where our clones of ancient or Champion Trees can be reintroduced to do the most good. A few of our recent planting projects are highlighted below.

Planting Projects

Super Grove Being Planted

In a partnership with The Eden Project in Cornwall, United Kingdom, 300 Champion Trees will be planted in a Super Grove of Champion Coast redwoods and Giant Sequoias. Read More...

Worldwide Earth Day & Arbor Day Plantings

This Earth Day/Arbor Day week we are partnering with organizations and supporters worldwide to plant champion trees and help increase awareness of the need for reforestation, including the development of living archives comprised of clones of superior old growth trees. Read More...

Partnership Announced to Reverse Deforestation and Global Warming

In an effort to reverse deforestation and global warming, Planetary Emissions Management, Inc. and Archangel Ancient Tree Archive have announced an experimental partnership to test new systems to integrate carbon measuring and environmental financial products. Read More...

Global Earth Day Planting Event

Earth Day 2013 represents a turning point not only for Archangel Ancient Tree Archive, but also for the world. This Earth Day, Archangel will release into the world its collection of clones from the greatest coast redwood trees that have ever lived in an historic first ever global planting of champion coast redwoods to begin to rebuild healthy forests. Read More...

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