Patented Carbon Technology and Champion Tree Genetics Combined for Earth Restoration

Planetary Emissions Management, Inc. and non-profit Archangel Ancient Tree Archive announce an experimental partnership to test new patented systems to integrate unique carbon measuring and environmental financial products with genetics of the largest trees on Earth. Designed for replication on forest projects anywhere on the planet through a Forest Carbon Legacy Initiative, the first test of this unique technology combination will be at Ocean Mountain Ranch in Port Orford, OR, where the world’s first champion coast redwood and giant sequoia clone grove was successfully planted in December of 2012.

forest carbonPlanting trees to curb the rise of atmospheric CO2 has reached global consciousness and is universally accepted as a safe and practical way to restore nature by planetary citizens. Now, new emphasis is being placed on champion trees as symbols and attractors of larger ecological and social features culminating in the design of customized forests to reduce the impacts of local climate change. The results of the planned experiment are expected to provide new data on the carbon sequestration capacity of forest mosaics including the very large champion trees such as coast redwoods and giant sequoias. Recent studies suggesting that redwoods and sequoias are powerful sinks for CO2 even at ages of over 1,000 years point to needed research aimed at understanding the carbon metabolism of young champion trees and their potential for carbon sequestration going forward.

green-treesArchangel Ancient Tree Archive co-founder David Milarch is the subject of the recent book by New York Times science reporter Jim Robbins entitled The Man Who Planted Trees: Lost Groves, Champion Trees, and an Urgent Plan to Save the Planet. “What will you say when your grandchildren ask if you did anything to fight global warming and restore the Earth? We all need an answer to this question. Now is the time. Champion trees combined with new advanced technologies are the answer,” he remarked.

PEM CEO Bruno D.V. Marino added: “Climate change impacts on communities present a compelling case for afforestation with selected tree species including Champion trees–we have to think outside of the box to get ahead of extreme events such as Hurricane Sandy.” PEM is testing a patented field instrument, the first of its kind, to measure the three species of carbon dioxide -12C, 13C and 14C in forest air. The PEM technology will provide a full accounting of the carbon sequestration dynamics of the new large-tree forest including its capacity to absorb CO2 from fossil fuel combustion. The PEM approach also provides incentives through monetization of the measured sequestered carbon.

Ocean Mountain Ranch project manager Terry Mock is overseeing the development of a sustainable carbon-negative project to demonstrate how landowners can be provided with incentives to re-grow old growth forests and remarked: “Developing champion tree ‘super groves’ and implementing the kind of monitoring and financial technology that this experiment will test is fundamentally essential in order to scale up global reforestation.”

About the Partners
Planetary Emissions Management Inc. is an early stage GHG services company offering unique measurement, data and financial services for diverse stakeholders. PEM is developing patented instrumentation and methods to measure and monetize carbon emissions reductions.

Archangel Ancient Tree Archive is a Michigan-based non-profit organization working on an urgent global mission to replace the trees that once served as our environmental filters. We collect, propagate and archive in living libraries, the genetics of uniquely effective ancient Champion Trees from around the globe before they are gone. We are planting them to reforest the Earth to provide the myriad of beneficial ecosystem services essential for all life forms to thrive – including sequestering carbon dioxide – a global warming solution. Only together can we mount an effort to preserve a livable future for our children and our grandchildren.

Ocean Mountain Ranch is a model mixed-use sustainable eco-forestry project overlooking the southern Oregon coast that is implementing a forest stewardship plan to meet the Port Orford Community Stewardship Area’s environmental, social, and economic needs by using ecosystem-based natural resource management best practices.

The Forest Legacy Carbon Initiative is a unique opportunity to support land conservation and management by directly valuing the sequestration of atmospheric carbon by diverse land types. The benefits to landowners are many including a new source of revenue to support land management and or land trust goals, realizing related goals of ecosystem service preservation and/or restoration, enhancing biodiversity and natural beauty and increasing community involvement through educational programs.

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5 Responses to Partnership Announced to Reverse Deforestation and Global Warming

  1. It is really a wonderful effort put in to curb the problem. We all believe that if we all put our hands together, our children and the new generations will have a chance to live on this planet.
    Am thinking of how we can also get in to the partnership and carry the work on? Is there any opportunity? Funds are minimal for us to take on our proposed project.

    Please advise me how we can get helped and or where we can get support for this.

  2. Joseph Middaugh says:

    Keep up the exceptional work guys!!! Thirty years ago people scoffed at the notion of recycling; 20 years ago postal works said they could never be replaced; ten years ago Sony did not see Apple coming, soon climate change skeptics will become the next dying breed…

  3. Barbara Sanders says:

    I truly appreciate what you are doing! It’s really good to know that there are people working to counteract the (mostly economic) forces that are making such a mess of this beautiful planet. Since this is the only place we and our children have, why should we keep on fouling our own nest? And what better way to remedy matters than by re-balancing the original efficient system.

  4. Gail Noon says:

    I’d LOVE to see whole groves of “large-tree” forests (using Coast Redwood and Giant Sequoia clones) planted EVERYWHERE on this earth – that they would be able to successfully grow in !

    When I read recently that WHOLE GROVES of redwoods were cut down in Yosemite – in the late 1800’s – just to make pencils, split-rail fences, etc., I felt sick to my stomach !…… think my beautiful Redwoods had been THOUGHTLESSLY cut down for that !

    It continues to amaze me (and DISGUST ME !) to keep reading and hearing that Conservatives / Tea Party supporters are always, only [constantly] thinking of new ways to abuse / destroy our planet for mankind’s obsession of wealth (so they can use that wealth for power of the rest of us !).

  5. Would love to see more planting of these types of trees in Oregon.
    Many areas in Oregon could profit from these type of planting.

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