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Explore stories about the mission and activities of Archangel Ancient Tree Archive in the videos below

Giant Sequoias are more magical than you know. Our work at Archangel is all about restoration.

About Archangel Ancient Tree Archive details our mission and the urgency of our work.

What is the most important action you can take right now to ensure a livable future for your children and grandchildren? David describes how planting trees are our best chance for survival, and ties his personal story to the mission of Archangel Ancient Tree Archive.

Archangel Ancient Tree Archive believes that to appreciate ancient trees like the Giant Sequoias in California, there is nothing like being up-close and personal.

During a recent Giant Sequoia collecting trip in Sequoia Crest, California, board members Cindy Spiegel and Joe Sandri discuss what inspired her to become involved with Archangel.

David Milarch addresses Interlochen Center for the Arts students on Earth Day

Watch the wonderful short film Moving the Giants: An Urgent Plan to Save the Planet here on demand now! The film premiered Nov 2015 at the Banff Mountain Film & Book Festival.

Ancient Future: The Archangel Ancient Tree Archive Story makes a case for the mission and why your support is critical now.
Propagation looks at our process of propagation, and how Archangel is doing something extraordinary.

Species Collection looks at how we collect genetics from these ancient trees.

Jake Milarch is featured in this video from the Benzonia Public Library’s Smithsonian Museum on Main Street project.

Why Ancient Trees? answers the question of why these forest giants are the focus of our attention.

Artist and environmental philanthropist Josh Lehrer shares his passion for champion trees and his work with the Archangel Ancient Tree Archive.

What Trees Can Do explores fascinating facts about these almost magical organisms.

On a mission to bring back the rain, a tree whisperer, a land steward, and a native elder bridge science, culture, and history to replant redwoods for CNN’s #CallToEarth with Wellkind and Teravana.

Our Ancient Future: The Archangel Ancient Tree Archive Story tells our whole story in a long-form format. Sit back and relax!
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