Adv3nture hopes to inspire people to journey through an unfamiliar area to feel most alive. When you meet someone whose mission aligns with yours, collaboration becomes a natural fit. We are honored to announce a partnership with this outstanding adventure clothing maker. Founder Zane Lamprey (host of travel shows on National Geographic Channel, Travel Channel & Food Network) knows that trees provide so many benefits to people and planet. He’s dedicated to his work of creating a simple and noticeable change. Adv3nture will plant three trees with every item sold.

For Zane, planting trees is not a gimmick. He knows that if we can plant enough trees, we can reverse climate change and eco-destruction. Zane’s passion, like that of Archangel’s David Milarch, is to work quickly and efficiently to reverse the destruction we’ve caused by deforestation. Everyone can participate. Read more about their thrilling Adv3nture Tree Program Initiative.

We would like to thank Zane and his team at Adv3nture and encourage you to check out their incredible product line at their Kickstarter campaign. Remember, every purchase plants three trees!

About Archangel Ancient Tree Archive

Archangel Ancient Tree Archive is working to collect, clone, and propagate the world’s most important trees. Coast redwood and Giant sequoia are trees that capture enormous amounts of carbon from our atmosphere. We find the oldest and largest of these species, propagate exact duplicates, and replant them around the globe. Our Champion Trees strengthen existing forests and protect their ancient genetics. We can’t do this work alone because partnerships with passionate organizations and the support of people who care deeply about our environment help to sustain us. Archangel is motivated to heal our planet for future generations.

We encourage you to explore our mission and reach out to us. 

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