THE GUARDIAN: Forty coast redwood trees were planted on Monday at the Eden Project in the south-west of England, the first time a “forest” of these big friendly giants from north America has been introduced to Europe.

By the year 2050 they will soar 25m (85 feet) into the Cornish sky. If all goes to plan they will become a new landmark, thrilling and amazing people for many centuries to come.

Children at The Eden Project form a 109 foot circle - the diameter of the Fieldbrook Stump,

Children at The Eden Project form a 109 foot circle – the diameter of the Fieldbrook Stump.

Coast redwoods are the tallest living things on Earth, growing to 115 metres (377 feet) in height. But almost all have been cut down over the past 150 years and many of the remaining specimens in California and Oregon are under threat in their west coast home because of drought, forest fire and the decline of the foggy, sometimes chilly, conditions they thrive in.

Help us plant our next redwood forest

The project, a collaboration between Eden and the Archangel Ancient Tree Archive, based in Michigan, is designed to preserve the trees for future generations. Though 5,000 miles separates the two regions, Cornwall’s warm, damp climate is expected to suit the redwoods perfectly.

Read this entire article and see more photos at The Guardian

Archangel has just launched a crowdfunding project so that we can travel to collect the genetics from ancient trees in California, and then replant our Champion trees in northern California and southern Oregon with saplings that we propagated last year.Get involved with this project here.

fieldbrook_stump-300x225The Fieldbrook Stump is the remains of a Coast Redwood cut down over 100 years ago. Some say it was the largest Coast Redwood that ever lived. Archangel has collected genetics from this stump, and propagated new trees, some of which are now growing at The Eden Project.

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