The world is interested in the solution to the climate crisis that Archangel Ancient Tree Archive has developed. Archangel is capturing and propagating the genetics of the trees that are best at capturing the excess carbon from the atmosphere that is overheating our climate.


NBC Nightly News came to our propagation lab in Copemish, MI, and with us on a genetics collecting trip in Crescent City, CA this past May. Their story aired on Sunday, July 28, and we are thrilled to share it here.

From the NBC Nightly News story, “New research published this month in Science Magazine seems to validate the mission of Archangel, suggesting that planting trees could be an effective strategy to help stem climate change. The study recommends planting nearly a billion new hectares of canopy cover around the globe to absorb massive amounts of climate change-fueling carbon — nearly 205 gigatons.”

Watch more videos and read the rest of the story at NBC Nightly News.

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