Archangel Champion Trees will form the cornerstone of an educational and city beautification initiative in Bandon, Oregon. In collaboration with the City of Bandon, and Bandon Schools, the school’s “Go Native” project will be caring for, and then planting 125 Archangel Champion Tree clones this summer and fall.

Terry Mock assists Go Native Project

Terry Mock assists Go Native Project

The Go Native project is all about promoting eco-friendly native plants while teaching students practical gardening and landscaping skills. The greenhouse and nursery are located adjacent to the Bandon high school. With the redwoods, students will see firsthand how the trees thrive in varied microclimates around town. The first step is hosting the redwoods in the climate controlled greenhouse where they’ll be repotted — the trees were shipped from Michigan in a soil-free nutrient gel. In the fall, students will help plant and install temporary irrigation to give the trees a good start.

[pl_blockquote cite=”Terry Mock – Go Native project facilitator, and AATA Sustainability Advisor”]”Cultivation and reforestation is a process that combines spirit and science. Healthy trees not only improve the view, they clean the air and the soil. Archangel trees are cloned from old growth redwoods known for a long life span and huge growth potential.”[/pl_blockquote]

The redwood saplings were cultivated by the nonprofit Archangel Ancient Tree Archive in Michigan and given to the city by an anonymous donor who requested the trees be planted on the Oregon Coast. The donation was facilitated by Terry Mock, who initiated a reforestation project on his own Port Orford property with redwoods from the Archangel Archive.

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