Early this week, Archangel team members Caryssa and Jesse left Copemish, Michigan, with some precious cargo for California: clones of 250 Champion Giant Sequoia and Coast Redwood trees all propagated and grown in our Michigan greenhouses.

150 Giant Sequoia will be delivered to the Sequoia Crest community in the Sierra Nevada Mountains to help restore the areas badly burned by the 2020 Castle Fire. Many of these saplings originated from trees that lived in Sequoia Crest for thousands of years, including descendants of the Waterfall Tree, one of the largest Giant Sequoias ever to live.

This expedition is a historical event; it represents the full circle of how we are protecting the genetics of these giants, growing their saplings, and now returning them home to where their mother once stood to combat climate change and restore the land.

We’ll deliver 100 Champion Coast Redwoods to The Presidio in San Francisco for the second planting we’ll complete at that site (the first was in December 2018).

The trees will become part of the Thomas Redwoods Grove, a reforestation site in The Presidio. The effort is part of The Presidio’s mission to keep its forests healthy, preserve the character of its landscapes, and increase biodiversity. It will also help the park combat climate change.

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