A shipment of 100 Archangel Champion Coast Redwoods were prepared from the Archangel propagation facility and delivered to our partners, the Eden Project in Cornwall, England. Many of the clones were cultivated from genetics collected from stumps of California redwoods that loggers felled more than a century ago.

Fieldbrook Stump

Fieldbrook Stump

One set of clones is from the famed Fieldbrook stump, which is about 35 feet in diameter. It was “the biggest tree ever felled” when it was cut down more than a century ago. It’s believed to be about 4,000 years old.

The tragic story says the tree exploded on impact, destroying the tree and the surrounding area. They loaded the piece on a train car, but it was so large it wouldn’t fit through the tunnels so they widdled it down more. The stump is near McKinleyville, a small town in northern California – a reminder of the biggest mistake the owner ever took part in!

Archangel shipped 10 clones each of 10 different ancient Coast Redwood giants to form Europe’s first old growth Redwood forest.

Champion Coast redwoods are trees that have been collected by Archangel from across the native 600 mile range of Coast redwoods across California and Oregon. They are among the oldest and largest living trees on the planet, and include genetics from some of the oldest and largest trees that ever lived – the stumps of trees cut down a century ago. They are also selected for propagation because they are among the fastest growing trees that have the capacity to capture substantial amounts of carbon dioxide from our atmosphere, and are planted to mitigate the worst effects of global warming.

[pl_blockquote cite=”Don Murray, Chair of Horticulture – Eden Project”]”I wanted to let you know how wonderful it is to be able to smell and touch the redwoods, quite extraordinary. We are all quite blown away by them. Anyhow, thank you for sending us the trees and for allowing us to be part of something quite extraordinary.”[/pl_blockquote]

Jake Milarch and Tom Brodhagen are ready to ship

Jake Milarch and Tom Brodhagen prepare tree shipment

Tom Brodhagen prepares clones

Tom Brodhagen prepares clones

Archangel co-founder David Milarch says the clones will be planted on the Eden Project grounds in England’s Cornwall region. He says the cool, damp climate is perfect for redwoods, which help fight climate change by storing vast amounts of carbon. The Eden Project is an elaborate arboretum and event space running transformational social and environmental projects on their doorstep and around the world, creating unforgettable learning experiences for students, and doing valuable research into plants and conservation.

Clones safe at Eden Project

Clones safe at Eden Project

The Archangel team, including propagation specialists Jake Milarch and Tom Brodhagen, prepared the clones by removing soil from their roots and packing them in plastic and padding materials for shipment overseas. Import/export paperwork is carefully completed to ensure transfer of the live plant material per government regulations. The trees are replanted by Eden Project horticulturalists once they arrive at their destination. Once planted permanently, they will be meticulously cared for by the Eden botany team to ensure their survival.

The Eden Project

One of the biomes at The Eden Project

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