Archangel Co-Founder David Milarch was interviewed on this week’s episode of the Living On Earth radio program. Living On Earth is independently produced but airs on several NPR stations.

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The 3000-year-old Giant Sequoia and Coast Redwood trees of the Pacific Northwest are among the biggest and oldest individual living things on our planet. Sadly, all but a few were cut down for logs decades ago. To help restore these majestic trees which sequester large amounts of carbon, the non-profit organization Archangel Ancient Tree Archive has dedicated its efforts to cloning their DNA. David Milarch tells host Bobby Bascomb why cloning specific trees can help restore a resilient population. (09:56)

Participate in our efforts to clone these ancient forest giants to slow climate change by making a donation today to the Archangel Spring 2019 Champion Tree Project Expansion crowdfunding campaign.

Listen to the rest of this Living On Earth episode that focuses on trees, tornados, and climate change.

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