In celebration of Earth Day 2014, Students from Interlochen Arts Academy are planting clones of Giant Sequoias that have been growing in Manistee Michigan for the past 65 years. Archangel is honored to be a sponsor of this Earth Day planting & education event – read more here.

Mary Ellen Newport, director of the school’s math and science division, hikes out to the site where the grove will be planted. The lake is still frozen and snow covers the ground. The new arrivals will go between the main outdoor auditorium and handicapped-accessible cabins. She says the planting is partly to help combat climate change.

“What studies have shown is there a couple of species who are really very effective and efficient at pulling carbon out and what we know is actually the biggest trees do the best job at pulling carbon out.”

The planting is a teaching opportunity for her students.

Read the entire article and listen to the story from Interlochen Public Radio here.

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