NowThis Earth is a global media news brand of NowThis, which reaches 236 million people. Archangel was thrilled to host them recently at our Copemish, MI propagation facility. Check out the video.

The primary focus of the video was discussing our mission to clone the world’s oldest and largest trees to combat the overheating of our climate. This overheating threatens all life on Earth.

David Milarch, Archangel Ancient Tree Archive co-founder, talked about the benefit that planting just one cloned Coast Redwood or Giant Sequoia can have in the work against climate change. “Planting one old-growth Giant Sequoia will negate all of the carbon one person’s activity creates over their lifetime,” said Milarch. “Your heat, your clothing, your car. One tree will sequester enough CO2 that when you leave the planet, you’ll owe the planet zero.”

Be part of the solution to climate change and become part of our team and make a donation today.

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