An archive is a living library of our champion trees, where they can
safely grow into the future and be available for further study and preservation

Success to Date

AATA has established living archives containing hundreds of vital trees in Michigan and by recently planting the first “super grove” in southern Oregon – an archive of clones of the largest and oldest coast redwoods.

Next Steps

To carry on the success of AATA, your gift will help us achieve these Reforestation goals over the next three years:

  • Additional cloning of champion and rare trees to expand the living archive from the current 70 cloned champions to more than 140. These are trees that we feel are most important to archive in living libraries and for reforestation to help restore planetary health through carbon sequestration and oxygenation.
  • Development of an infrastructure in the Copemish office to support scientific, technical, outreach, and fundraising activities.

To accomplish these goals, this will require additional private funding building towards the establishment of an endowment fund.

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Archive Projects

Jurassic Bark: Ancient Irish Trees Live Again

Archangel Ancient Tree Archive collected 130 of the oldest trees in Ireland. These iconic trees, along with California redwood clones, were propagated and reintroduced into the Irish landscape through the help of our friends.Read More »

Race to Save the World's Great Trees by Cloning Them

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Archangel to Clone 2000 Year Old Bald Cypress Tree

Lady Liberty is one of the oldest Bald Cypress trees in the world. Located in Florida's Seminole county, the 2,000 year old tree could be cloned by Archangel Ancient Tree Archive to preserve its superior genetics.Read More »

Champion trees delivered to Eden Project

A shipment of 100 Archangel Champion Coast Redwoods were prepared from the Archangel propagation facility and delivered to our partners, the Eden Project in Cornwall, England.Read More »

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