AATA Living Archives Save Genetics for Future Generations

After trees propagated by ATAA and grown to a hearty height, they are replanted to form a living library of Champion trees, where they can safely grow into the future and be available for further study and preservation.

Success to date: AATA has established living archives containing hundreds of vital trees in Michigan, the first “super grove” in southern Oregon – forming an archive of clones of the largest and oldest coast redwoods. In association with our partners at The Eden Project in Cornwall, England, a grove of Archangel Champion Coast redwood trees were planted to create Europe’s first redwood forest. 

Why Ancient Trees?

Archive Projects

Plants & Preservation

Plants & Preservation

Our David Milarch contributed to this fascinating story of how research centers are preserving the genetic basis of plant life in order to help humans adapt to future global climate change.

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Jurassic Bark: Ancient Irish Trees Live Again

Archangel Ancient Tree Archive collected 130 of the oldest trees in Ireland. These iconic trees, along with California redwood clones, were propagated and reintroduced into the Irish landscape through the help of our friends.

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