Our friend, Darren Beem, creator of the blog Momentary Delight, is a forty-something guy who lives in Boston, MA with his wife Carla and two precocious little girls. Momentary Delight is his attempt to engage in a conversation about life. It’s a chance to be real.

He has written a piece inspired after reading “The Man Who Planted Trees: Lost Groves, Champion Trees, and an Urgent Plant to Save the Planet,” the book by Jim Robbins featuring the work of David Milarch and Archangel Ancient Tree Archive. His latest post is definitely worth a read.

[pl_blockquote cite=”Darren Beem, blogger at Momentary Delight”]When I read The Man Who Planted Trees, I was immediately impressed and blown away by the story of David Milarch. I began reading other books on sustainability and forests. I also began to take small steps to change the way I do things. I started using the bus for my commutes and I was more conscious about recycling. I paid a little more attention to how I spent my money. I took my daughters out for walks at our local Mass Audubon Habitat. When considering the larger problems of climate change, the things I’m doing might seem small and insignificant. Yet, I’m left with a growing appreciation, that real change and a turning of the tide, begins with each us taking small steps.[/pl_blockquote]

Read the entire article at Momentary Delight.

Thank you so much for putting a fine point on our work Darren, and for encouraging others to take the steps necessary to make a difference in their worlds.

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