Archangel Ancient Tree Archive will plant exact genetic duplicates of the largest and oldest champion coast redwood trees in the world at a special workshop on Sunday, March 1st, at noon at Lobster Creek County Park in Curry County, Oregon. Directions to the park.

The planting is in partnership with Curry County Parks & Recreation and Juvenile Departments to provide, protect and preserve the natural and scenic parks of Curry County and to demonstrate Curry County’s commitment to sustainability strategies outlined in the Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development Strategic Plan.

Archangel Ancient Tree Archive, a 501c3 non-profit organization, has received funding from over 200 private individuals to finance champion coast redwood tree production for this year’s planting to further preserve the genetics of the largest and oldest living organisms on earth in an effort to assist with the migration of the species during coming climate changes.

Co-sponsored by the Rare Tree Reserve, Wild Rivers Coast Alliance, and the Arthur Sherman Davidson Family, this year’s expanded plantings will occur at numerous private and public property locations up and down the coast, including Ocean Mountain Ranch, site of the World’s First Planting of a Champion Redwood & Sequoia Forest located in the headwaters of the Port Orford Community Stewardship Area in Curry County, Oregon.

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