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We're Celebrating our 25th Anniversary!

Thanks to all who attended our 25th Anniversary Virtual Expedition & Celebration, made possible by Supermicro and all our sponsors.

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Help the project that collects genetics from the oldest and largest known trees, and then replants to improve global forests.

The Archangel Mission


We propagate the world’s most important old growth trees before they are gone.


Archive the genetics of ancient trees in living libraries around the world for the future.


Reforest the Earth with the offspring of Champion Trees to provide beneficial ecosystem services including outstanding sequestering of carbon dioxide – essentially a global warming solution.

We’re already making a difference. Your help is needed for a larger impact.

Become A Fundraiser

Become a fundraiser to help us collect, clone, archive the genetics, and replant these important trees for future generations. Help reach the milestone that will allow us to expand our mission.


Set an achievable – but ambitious – fundraising goal at first. Then increase it as your fundraising efforts take off.

• Donate to your own fundraiser –  lead by example.
• Invite your people to visit your page and make a contribution.
• Share your page on social media to expand your and our impact.

Happening Now

NowThis Earth Features Archangel

NowThis Earth Features Archangel

NowThis Earth visited Archangel to explore our mission to clone the world’s oldest and largest trees that combat the overheating of our climate. This overheating threatens all life on Earth.

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Recent Media

Trees Planted Honoring Terry Mock

Trees Planted Honoring Terry Mock

Our dear friend Terry Mock was a driving force behind Archangel’s work. For decades, Archangel’s David Milarch and Terry collaborated to turn an idea into a thriving mission to collect, propagate, and replant old-growth tree genetics to assist the trees’ migration in the face of a warming planet.

Scientific Evidence: Ancient Trees are Critical

Scientific Evidence: Ancient Trees are Critical

A newly published scientific study validates Archangel’s decades-long work to protect and preserve ancient trees. The paper details the critical ecosystem role that ancient trees play in protecting our ecosystem.

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