Success to Date 

AATA has already demonstrated proven success in cloning the Earth’s oldest and largest trees and has now also demonstrated proven success to reforest with the world’s first “super grove” of cloned coast redwoods and giant sequoias in Oregon. Thriving after more than one year of growth, AATA continues to monitor these trees to insure sustained success. This stage has also been funded by private gifts and partnerships.

AATA already has many interested partners and offers of land for the planting of groves but lacks the resources to fund the expansion.

Next Steps

port-orford-super-grove-single-treeTo carry on the success of AATA, your gift will help us achieve these Reforestation goals over the next three years:

  • Planting additional super groves in the U.S., Canada and the United Kingdom, through existing partners. The optimal way to reforest with these champions is to plant them in super groves of 200, in both rural and urban forests, in order to cross pollinate and strengthen the existing tree genetics. This includes a site visit and survey to prepare the land; continued nurturing of cloned trees to maturity; planting the trees including any necessary irrigation or protective structures; and monitoring post-planting for any additional support needed.

  • Development of an infrastructure in the Copemish office to support scientific, technical, outreach, and fundraising activities.

These next steps for AATA will require additional private funding building towards the establishment of an endowment fund.

More About Reforestation

planting-still-lifeThe best trees, when planted in the right setting, can elevate the quality of all other similar trees in the area. This is our hope when a Champion Tree is planted. We recommend that no more than 10% of champion trees be used in a reforestation setting in order to maintain genetic diversity and allow the champion genetics to mix with the existing trees. We do not promote monocultures, but instead plan for the overall strengthening of the forests where our trees are planted.

At Archangel our motto is the right tree in the right place, for the right reason. Trees offer solutions for so many environmental challenges and with that in mind we plant trees for phytoremediation, carbon-stacking to fight climate change, erosion control, runoff management, watershed enhancement, and wildlife habitat to just name a few solutions.

The world’s forests have been called “the lungs of the planet.” Our intention is to help to restore the forests of the world by reintroducing specimens – from clones of ancient trees or proven champion trees – that have exhibited a proven longevity, or have shown other desirable attributes to improve the ecofunction of the world’s forests.

A few of our recent planting projects are highlighted below.

Planting Projects

Smithsonian Museum on Main Street Video

Smithsonian Museum on Main Street Video

We are so grateful for Benzonia Public Library to include us in its Smithsonian Museum on Main Street project. Enjoy this video featuring Archangel’s co-founder and director of propagation, Jake Milarch.

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