Tree School

Tree School is an Archangel Education Program for Grades 3 – 12 through University/Adult Education

This curriculum was developed for Archangel Ancient Tree Archive by leading science educators and direct experience of our propagators. It asks students to teach each other stepwise about facets of our ecology and allows them to channel their understanding into action and art. It also provides the content to prepare and guide students towards taking action/or active involvement in the global effort to slow and stop climate change. Tree propagation and planting are introduced as the best technology for incorporating atmospheric carbon.

This is a “STEEAMED” curriculum: Science, Technology, Environment / Engineering, Arts, Mathematics, Economics and Design. It can and must be integrated into teaching and guiding students about the essential services provided by our natural environment, but how, as a student, a teacher, a community, and a society, we intend to move forward.


“Mighty oaks from little acorns grow.”


There is so much to do, and students can lead the way by propagating and planting trees to re-assimilate carbon dioxide. You do NOT have to clone the biggest trees on the planet like David Milarch in order to use the best technology ever invented for carbon assimilation: photosynthesis.

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Contact us for more information about presenting this program at your school, or to participate in funding our education initiative.

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