Our Archangel Partners

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.

– Helen Keller

We appreciate the support we receive from our partners to carry out our mission.

Archangel Ancient Tree Archive Partners support our work to propagate the world’s important old-growth trees before they are gone. We value their support and encourage you to reach out to us to see how we can benefit each other.


Beth Moon Photography

Beth Moon, a fine arts photographer, has taken pictures of old trees for many years. She has traveled worldwide in search of notable trees for their size, age, history, and beauty. Her recent book, Ancient Trees: Portraits of Time features her captivating photographs of nearly seventy of Moon’s finest tree portraits as full-page duotone plates.

Bo Burke & Climb A Tree

Bo Burke is a Certified Arborist / Treeworker, Climber Specialist with the International Society of Arboriculture, and founder of Climb A Tree. Climb A Tree is a unique company that provides tree climbing instruction for all ages and abilities. Tree climbing is becoming one of the world’s newest organized individual sports, with its competition circuit and champions. Participants can climb a tree during their first session. Advanced classes are also available for those with more experience. Bo volunteers with Archangel Ancient Tree Archive to climb the largest, oldest, and most iconic trees to collect new growth for Archangel’s propagation activities.

The Eden Project

Eden is an educational charity. We built it because we are inspired by the belief that we can work towards a better future. The money we raise goes towards our work on public and formal education, research, conservation, and sustainable futures. Find out more at EdenProject.com.

Sir Tim Smit, the founder of The Eden Project, had this to say about our partnership. “Eden is about doing, in much the same way as Archangel is, and put bluntly, the world has too many philosophers and opinion expressers with no dirt under their fingernails. We salute David and his team and will work with them encouraging their work and offering what help we can. I have heard people say that the chances of success in cloning champion trees is less than promising, but my experience is that where there is a person that will not take no for an answer, magic can happen, and it already is. My granny always used to say, ‘before you die, make sure you can say I’m glad I did, rather than I wish I had., I’d like to have as few regrets as possible, and I know I speak for many.”

Interlochen Center For The Arts

The grounds at Interlochen have served as a host for some Champion Trees for years. AATA is thrilled to continue where Champion Tree Project International started and continue planting select Champion Trees at Interlochen Center for the Arts to grow on for decades.

Greystone Gardens and its owner, Tom Brodhagen

Tom Brodhagen is invaluable here at AATA as a consultant on all things disease, propagating, and growing. Tom works with us to develop propagation techniques and helped us grow some of our trees at his nursery when we needed space.

Marguerite Guzman Bouvard

Marguerite Guzman Bouvard is the author of a new book, Social Justice and the Power of Compassion: Meaningful Involvement of Organizations Improving the Environment and Community, that looks at how a single person, or a small organization, working at the grassroots level can make great strides in helping the marginalized and disenfranchised. The latest edition includes a chapter about Archangel Ancient Tree Archive.

Plant Champion Trees

Plant Champion Trees partners with organizations and individuals in planting Champion trees across the US. They also work with local Parks services and organizations to improve Urban Forestation.

The Teravana Foundation

The Teravana Foundation is a nonprofit Think Tank that addresses stress-related illness in Modern Society through retreats, conferences, and workshops across disciplines—from medicine to art and beyond.


WellKind sees a transformation from humankind to WellKind. This change begins from within, calling each of us to explore inner wellness as a path to planetary wellness. We recognize our wholeness, our interdependence with all beings, and our connection with the Earth that unites us all.

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