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98% of Old Growth Coast Redwoods are Gone

Many ancient redwood trees have been growing for 3,000 years or more, but these could be their final days. Already 95% of old growth coast redwoods have been lost. The redwoods that remain are being threatened by a warming climate and other human activity. Archangel Ancient Tree Archive is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that believes the genetics of California’s champion redwood trees hold secrets that have not yet been discovered. You can help us to collect, clone, and archive the genetics of these important trees for future generations.

Make a Real Difference!

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Archangel Ancient Tree Archive will travel to California’s remaining redwood forests in May 2016 to collect and archive the genetics of some of the oldest, largest, and perhaps most important trees on Earth – the Coast Redwood and Giant Sequoia – and you can play a part in this trip!

After we collect the genetics from some of the oldest redwoods on the planet, we will travel to northern California and southern Oregon to plant a grove of hundreds of Archangel Champion trees – saplings that have previously been collected and propagated. The new grove of Champion Coast Redwood trees will be planted north of their current range where future conditions will allow them to thrive while their parent trees face the tremendous stress posed by a warming climate.

The Plan

We are honored that professional climbers from Bartlett Arborist Supply are donating their time to help with this valuable effort. Your donation will not only help our tiny non-proft to pay for travel expenses including coach flights, cheap motels, and car rentals, but will also create a legacy for future generations by preserving the hearty genetics from these old forest giants, lovingly and painstakingly propagated saplings from cuttings, and replanting them at future sites.

One of a Kind

Through years of research, hard work, and at great expense, we developed tree cloning techniques for these ancient trees that the scientific community at large said couldn’t be done.

We are the only nonprofit organization with a mission of collecting, propagating, and archiving the oldest, largest, most iconic, and perhaps most important trees on Earth. Trees collected and replanted on this trip will capture carbon from the atmosphere for generations.

Create Your Legacy with the Archangels

This vital project requires significant resources to accomplish its vision. Your gift today will create a living legacy by helping to protect these great ancient trees for generations to come.

Archangel Ancient Tree Archive is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Our EIN is 27-1366886. All gifts are tax deductable.

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Meet Our Team

Bartlett Arborist SupplyArchangel will be joined by a team of climbers from Bartlett Arborist Supply who have volunteered their time to this effort. Team Bartlett is a group of climbers with an endless passion for climbing trees and caring for trees whether an ornamental tree in a homeowner’s backyard to Giant Sequioas and Redwoods.

Bartlett Arborist Supply and its owner, Jason Kappen, are a firm believers in giving back to the climbing community as well as the community around them. They strive to help new climbers and seasoned veterans of the trade through education and training in one of the world’s most dangerous professions. We truly appreciate their support.

Jake Milarch

Jake Milarch

Jake is Director of Propagation, and one of the founding members at Archangel Ancient Tree Archive. He is a Certified Arborist and 4th generation tree farmer who is passionate about trees and one of the most skilled climbers around.

Jason Kappen

Jason Kappen

Jason is a Certified Arborist through the International Society of Arboriculture and a Certified Treecare Safety Professional through the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA). Jason is the previous president of the Michigan Chapter of the ISA and still sits on the board. Jason has competed in the Michigan Tree Climbing Championships placing in the Top 3.

Aaron Johns

Aaron Johns

Aaron is a production arborist that has competed in multiple tree climbing competitions throughout his career. Aaron is an advocate for innovative climbing techniques as well as safe climbing practices.

Wayne Ellison

Wayne Ellison

Wayne works as a production arborist and has also competed in many tree climbing competitions placing within the Top 3 spots in Michigan multiple times. He has also competed in the North American Tree Climbing Championships.

Richard Ellison

Richard Ellison

Richard is a Certified Treecare Safety Professional through the Tree Care Industry Association as well as a Certified Tree Worker and Tree Climber Specialist through the International Society of Arboriculture. He has also competed in multiple competitions throughout his career.

Jake Carufel

Jake Carufel

Jake is a Certified Arborist as well as a Certified Treecare Safety Professional, Certified Climber Specialist and a Certified Tree Care Specialist through the Tree Care Industry Association. Jake has also competed in multiple competitions including Top 3 spots in Michigan and Ohio as well as the North American Tree Climbing Championships.

Autumn Carufel

Autumn Carufel

Autumn is a professional photographer willing to go to great heights to get the perfect shot. Autumn is a recreational tree climber as well as a rock climber.

Bo Burke

Bo Burke

Bo is a Certified Arborist, Treeworker, & Climber Specialist with the International Society of Arborculture. He’s been climbing and caring for trees for 15 years.

We have the good fortune that two of our climbers are also a videographer and photographer.The Seekers Of and ajbc photography will be covering the entire trip through photos and videos. Jake and Autumn are a husband and wife team that strive to get others outside to enjoy and explore areas around them as well as around the country. The great outdoors has a way of drawing you in and capturing the very essence of life, we want to share that with you. Come with us!

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