CNN 10 is a daily news show seen by students in classrooms worldwide who want to learn about current events and global issues in 10 minutes or less. In celebration of Arbor Day, Archangel’s Tree School was featured by CNN10!

Our nonprofit organization, Archangel Ancient Tree Archive, aims to preserve the genetics of the world’s largest and oldest trees. Our mission is to create millions of copies of these old-growth trees to be replanted. These trees can absorb more carbon from the atmosphere than regular trees, making them a valuable solution to combat climate change.

In this video, a preschool class plants clones of ancient Champion Tree Coast redwoods at The Presidio in San Francisco, a wonderful Archangel partner, and a location of one of our many archives of these forest giants.

The mission of Archangel Tree School is to “propagate the propagators.” Learn more about Tree School and how you can support this education initiative.

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