Archangel’s David Milarch was interviewed on American Variety Radio, hosted by Court Lewis, in a discussion about the genesis of Archangel Ancient Tree Archive, its mission and activities.

Listen to the Show Here

Mr. Lewis said of the themes of his radio show, “One of the most frequent is what I call ‘Amazing Americans’—people who are among the best in the country or even the world at what they do, but who fly under the radar and are not well known outside
their profession.” This episode shares the story behind how Archangel Ancient Tree Archive was started, and about what is done on a daily basis to archive the genetics of the oldest, largest, and most iconic trees.

Guests on American Variety include a fascinating mix of explorers, scientists, astronauts, artists, writers, entrepreneurs—all people who have something in common: They followed their dream, no matter how unlikely or unattainable it might have seemed, and succeeded. The show offers an antidote to the constant drone of negative, dispiriting news and political shouting matches in the media, by focusing on inspiring people, positive events, and the rich variety of lifestyles and pursuits that living in America still makes possible.

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