So many artists are inspired to support Archangel Ancient Tree Archive with their creative talents. We are honored to be the recipient of the proceeds of a wonderful song by musician Jake Allan.

In 1988 Jake Allen’s father, Allen Bondar, wrote and recorded a rock song about mankind’s transgressions against Mother Nature. The song, “Mom,” was a male/female duet with the female being Mother Nature herself and the male being a spectator of the destruction. Many people connected with the song including the artist. One fan even wrote a Broadway inspired screenplay around the song catering to its theatrical nature. Jake always wanted to record and produce his own version of “Mom” so this year he decided it was time. Dharma Record’s artist Penny Jean joined him on the track singing the part of Mother Nature. With Dharma Record’s support, Allen has released this song on all major online music retailing sites. All of the proceeds from the downloads of “Mom” will be donated to Archangel Ancient Tree Archive.

We are deeply honored by Jake’s generous support. Please support Jake and Archangel by downloading the new single, “Mom” and more of his music here. Jake’s music features acoustic fingerstyle with rock, jazz and progressive elements reinvigorating a classic sound for a new generation.

Find out more about Jake Allen here.

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