University of Michigan students and faculty members have partnered with Chiwara permaculture and Archangel Ancient Tree Archive to plant twelve Giant sequoia clones from Champion old growth forest trees on the grounds of the Nichols Arboretum on Arbor Day.

The planting is a pilot research project in a scientific setting to study how to offset UMs carbon footprint with a permaculture based sequoia forest. The planting ceremony takes place at the Nichols Arboretum at 1PM on April 25, 2014.

This project is to demonstrate a proposal toOld Growth Sequoias and the Permaculture Systemcombat the University of Michigan’s carbon emissions by planting old growth trees in a permaculture system and is envisioned to be a joint project between Archangel Ancient Tree Archive, Chiwara Permaculture and the University of Michigan. The project is part of Environ 391: Sustainability and the Campus, a class in which students form project teams and work with local stakeholders to complete sustainability projects related to University of Michigan. The project was proposed by Nathan Ayers, director of Chiwara Permaculture, and was backed by David Milarch of Archangel Ancient Tree Archive.

Students and David Milarch Plant ChampionTrees

UofM Students and David Milarch Plant Champion Trees

The University of Michigan has set a public goal of reducing its carbon emissions by 25% below its 2006 levels by 2025. This goal has been elusive due to growth in size of the University. Currently, the University’s goals do not include carbon sequestration in their calculations, but the goals are up for revision in 2016 and could be altered to take this aspect into account.

Chiwara Permaculture L3C is a Michigan based research, education, design and incubation firm. They focus on permaculture solutions in 6 main areas: Food, Energy, Water, Building, Transportation and Waste. They combine their research work with educational programs in pursuit of innovative solutions to community problems.

Old Growth Trees at University of Michigan

The project is called, “Offsetting Carbon Emissions with Old Growth ‘Champion’ Sequoias.” Student researchers designed a prototype of their permaculture forest for an 8.5 acre plot on Dixborough Road by the MattheaiGiant Sequoia Permaculture Forest Botanical Gardens at the University of Michigan. Utilizing this prototype plot, the university could begin researching the carbon sequestration of these old growth trees as well as launch breakthrough initiatives surrounding the research and implementation of permaculture designs.

Visit the project website for more information about the project.

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