Dr. Jenny Aitken, Director of The Tree Lab in New Zealand, takes us on a tour of their redwood grove including ancient Archangel Ancient Tree Archive Champion Tree clones.

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Dr. Jenny Aitken is a globally recognized tree biotechnologist who lives in Papamoa Beach, New Zealand with her partner Bill. She was awarded a Moet-Hennessy prize for innovations in plant science in 1987, a New Zealand Biotechnologist of the Year award in 2003, and a IUFRO award for micropropagation and somatic embryogenesis in radiata pine in 2018. She also has over 40 scientific publications and two patents.

The Tree Lab specializes in the following plant biotechnologies: establishment of tissue cultures for any plant species; assisting clients to set up labs; somatic embryogenesis and organogenesis protocols for any plant; micro-environmental control; vaccination of plants with fungal and bacterial endophytes to improve their microbiome; virus-elimination; and DNA fingerprinting. Jenny has always had a passion for trees, including giants like the New Zealand kauri (Agathis australis) and coastal redwood of the USA (Sequoia sempervirens).

The Tree Lab began collaborating with Archangel in 2009 to plant redwood forests in New Zealand, and they’ve been a friend of our organization ever since.

Learn more about their ongoing propagation projects: http://www.thetreelab.com/home.htm

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