Hope for the Future

Replanting ancient and champion trees, and saving their genetics gives us a chance.

Archangel Ancient Tree Archive is providing a real global warming solution. By locating and propagating trees with ancient and “champion” genetics that have the best chance for survival, and by reintroducing these trees back into the environment, we may be able to overcome the onslaught of environmental challenges we are facing today and will increasingly face in the future. We are working to preserve the genetics of the last remaining representatives of our old-growth forests, and hope to give science a chance to study the yet unknown benefits of these trees before they blink off the face of the earth.

It is absolutely critical that these trees get replanted to strengthen our urban and rural forests. Planting champion trees introduces selected traits back into nature to strengthen the remaining forests. When they cross-pollinate with existing trees the resulting saplings will have some of the characteristics from the Champion Trees.

We will measure our success, in part, by the number of these trees planted in the environments that will have the greatest beneficial impact. We hope to partner with like-minded organizations to propagate and plant millions of trees from many different origins and species.

Working together to help our environment in a meaningful way gives us hope for the future.

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