What is at Stake?

Our environment is so damaged, we are risking our very survival.

Our health of our environment is under ever-greater pressure from the burning of fossil fuels and deforestation. This has caused the most critical threat to the survival of humans and all living things: Global Warming. Our rapidly warming climate cries out for solutions to these problems.

Deforestation has crippled the healing abilities that our ecosystem needs to support life. More than 90% of America’s old growth forests are gone and are still being cut, and at least 80% of the world’s have vanished. The forests that remain have been decimated by segmentation and clear-cutting, are being attacked from the effects of global warming.

Trees safely capture and store excess carbon dioxide from our atmosphere, and give off oxygen required by all living things. Trees regulate our climate, clean our water, provide habitat, foods, medicines, and perform many other essential life-sustaining functions.

We believe that replanting forests with the best available tree genetics on a massive scale is a critical activity that can begin to mitigate many of these challenges. Saving the genetics of the great trees that still exist may hold the key to benefits of trees that are yet unknown to science.

The survival of humans, and all forms of life, is at stake.

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