Photo by Christopher Cann

In an unassuming park just outside Orlando’s bustling business district, a monumental tree named “Big Tree” is broadening our global conservation efforts. Archangel Ancient Tree Archive is leading an ambitious project to clone this 400-year-old southern live oak, among other historic trees, as part of a broader strategy to combat climate change and preserve our planet’s arboreal heritage.

A new story in USA Today shines a spotlight on “Big Tree,” an ancient southern live oak in Orlando, which has survived centuries of environmental challenges. This tree, having witnessed the transformation of the landscape from the era of Juan Ponce de León to the present, is now at the center of a groundbreaking project.

Archangel climber in "Big Tree"

This initiative extends beyond preserving a single tree; it’s about safeguarding countless species and restoring ecosystems. By cloning trees that have withstood the ravages of time and environmental threats, we can reintroduce resilient, carbon-absorbing giants into landscapes worldwide. Your support can propel this mission forward, enabling us to plant these natural defenders across regions in dire need of reforestation.

We urge you to contribute to Archangel Ancient Tree Archive today. Your donation will help us clone vital tree species, contribute to biodiversity, and fight climate change. Every dollar brings us closer to a healthier, greener earth.

Read the entire article in USA Today to discover the full extent of this inspiring story and learn how you can be part of this crucial effort. Together, we can clone the past to save the future.

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