The 3,000 year old Waterfall Tree (Sequoia giganteum) is perhaps the world’s largest known single stem tree. Its trunk is 30′ in diameter at the base. In 2011, Archangel Ancient Tree Archive collected cuttings from the tree in an effort to clone this tremendous specimen.

Rooted Waterfall SequioaWe are happy to report that our efforts to clone the tree are beginning to pay off. This image shows a healthy root at the base of this cutting from the Waterfall Tree. There are many more like it, and we will be making plans to replant these clones in an archive in the near future.

For years, getting cuttings from trees more than 80 years old to sprout roots was considered to be near impossible. Thought extensive experimentation, Archangel has developed a series of techniques to make this a regular occurrence.

Video from our climbing of and collecting from the Waterfall Tree can be seen in About Archangel Ancient Tree Archive – the clip is about 2:30 into the video.

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