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Fund a Grove of Champion Trees

Champion Tree Grove


Fund an entire planted Grove of 500 Certified Champion Tree ProjectTM trees to help clean your community. This includes the original cloning and seed-propagation to tab cultivation to packaging, shipping, and planting. Includes land-use agreements.

About Gifts of Wonder

We are the first and only organization to propagate and reforest the oldest and largest trees of each species. Some of the most iconic and useful trees are available. Leading dendrologists, William Libby and Diana Beresford-Kroeger identified the most important 100 species of trees for our global ecosystem.

Through the Champion Tree ProjectTM we send expeditions to get cuttings of these trees to our lab for propagation.

Archangel has produced saplings from the stumps of three-thousand-year-old Champion TreesTM.

We nurture and grow these materials until they are saplings viable for replanting.

Archangel ships the saplings to their final destination, assists in the planting, and nurses and maintains these trees for two years.

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