Our dear friend Terry Mock was a driving force behind Archangel’s work. For decades, Archangel’s David Milarch and Terry collaborated to turn an idea into a thriving mission to collect, propagate, and replant old-growth tree genetics to assist the trees’ migration in the face of a warming planet.

Terry Mock
Terry Mock

Archangel just shipped a dozen Champion Coast Redwood saplings to our friends in Port Orford, Oregon, to plant in honor of Terry and another long-time friend, Julie Hawthorne. The Port Orford Main Street Revitalization Association will plant and care for the saplings and dedicate the trees to Terry and Julie with commemorative plaques.

The Port Orford News published a short article about the upcoming planting. We invite you to read it here.

David is guided by Terry’s wisdom every day, and even though he’s no longer with us on this Earth, his tenacious spirit and good heart live on.

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