In early 2021, the Archangel Ancient Tree Archive (AATA) expedition team traveled to Crescent City, CA, and made an incredible discovery. We’re always on the hunt for new Champions to add to our archive, so when we hear that there is an ancient Coastal Redwood stump that is still alive, we undoubtedly find time in our expedition schedule for a visit.

Many of you have probably heard of the Barrett Stump that we cloned several years ago and whose offspring have been part of multiple reforestation projects. The Barretts have become great friends, and it was during an expedition team dinner at their house that we were introduced to their neighbors, The McCoveys, who claimed to have a Redwood stump equally as large in their backyard.

The stumps that we have collected genetics from are from trees that were cut down over 100 years ago. The trees were felled then because they were the largest known trees at the time. The stumps they left behind are still alive and are significant because they contain the exact genetic material of the original ancient trees.

The next morning, the team woke up bright and early and made their way to the McCovey home, and they were not disappointed! With a 25.5ft girth and an intricate, hollow center, this ancient Redwood stump told stories of a time when it was a true giant; make no mistake, this ancient giant was still very much alive.

After careful measurements and multiple photos and videos were taken, the team turned to collect enough cuttings so the AATA Propagation Specialists back in Michigan could clone this ancient tree.

We’re now happy to report that the McCovey Stump has been officially added to our archive, and the cuttings are doing great! We can’t wait to be able to introduce these ancient genetics into future reforestation projects and a huge thank you to the McCoveys for welcoming us to their home and for sharing their hidden treasure with our team and the world.

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