Coast Redwoods are the tallest living things on Earth. They can reach upwards of 370 feet tall. The Archangel Ancient Tree Archive Redwood collection encompasses over 50 different old growth redwood trees from the west coast of California.  We have collected and propagated Coast Redwoods from throughout the range and the focus of this collection has beneath largest remaining redwood stumps although we have also collected from several massive living trees. The redwoods that were cut down around the year 1900 were older and larger than anything left standing now.

To bring those old forest giants back to life, Archangel began collecting from stumps in 2008. In this novel approach of focusing on stumps we have brought back dozens of fallen giants. We now have redwoods representing all areas of the range and are in the process of developing an archive plan for the young trees. This includes a world’s first planting event taking place on December 4, 2012. Find out more about this historic event here.

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