Archangel has a new friend in Eagle Scout Jamie Robinson. He has planned a very special Earth Day project to make a difference in Copemish, Michigan on First Creek.

To celebrate Earth Day, Jamie and other volunteers will be planting 200 black willow trees that have been donated by Archangel Ancient Tree Archive. Jamie worked with ARC propagator and nurseryman, Corey Bigelow to carefully plot the site where they will be planting the trees along First Creek. These trees will grow for decades and stabilize the banks of the creek, filter the water, provide early spring pollen for bees and other insects and filter the soil.

Not only is Jamie getting his hands dirty by planting some trees, but he is also making an effort to educate people about why he is planting these trees and how they will impact the environment. And he’s educating the most important people, our youth! Those who will make a difference in the years to come. He created a presentation for cub scout and boy scout troops and has spent the last several weekends sharing his project with others. Here is my favorite slide from his presentation. I can’t believe I never noticed the likeness before now!

On behalf of all ARC team members, we really want to thank Jamie for going above and beyond and embracing the mission of Archangel Ancient Tree Archive. Earth thanks you too!

Check for follow up posts to see photos of the planting!





UPDATE: Jamie and helping volunteers planted around 250 trees on Earth Day! Way to go! Here are some photos as promised. Thanks again to Jamie and all those who helped make this project a success!


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